Unlock Your Team's Full Potential 

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ConnectFor Work knows your employees’ professional interests and helps you staff them on projects they are actually excited about.

How it Works

Stop missing what's right under your nose.

Your employees have overlapping interests that you don't know about. Tap into the collaboration and innovation you need to succeed, all while engaging and developing your team where it counts.


First-of-its-kind DEI metrics and accountability


Increased creativity and innovation


Real-time, actionable engagement and alignment insights

ConnectFor Work knows your every team member's professional interests, providing never-before accessible project team recommendations and diversity, equity, and inclusion insights, resulting in more creativity, innovation, and engagement. Talk about worthwhile!

Why ConnectFor Work

Provide equitable opportunity and develop your team with ConnectFor

ConnectFor recommends the right team members for your projects based on interest and skill level so you can be sure your employees are engaged and your project is successful.


Empower your team 

Ending the need to "speak up"

Team members raise their hands for open projects and tasks, ending the intimidating process of speaking up and ensuring managers know exactly what everyone wants to work on. 

End guessing games

You can be sure you created the best project team, and nobody was overlooked


Know which of your team members have been overlooked for opportunities, how aligned your employees' interests are with the projects they are working on, and course-correct immediately, all within the same platform.

Young Businesswomen

Stay accountable

The insights and actions you need to equitably develop your team, in real-time


Giving managers the tools they need to align and develop their teams.

From employee development and staffing to diversity and inclusion, ConnectFor Work gives managers the tools they need to succeed.


The latest on interest powered work 

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