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We believe in one fundamental principle: when people love their work, companies and employees thrive together. That’s why we developed a seamless solution that helps managers ensure every employee is given an equal opportunity to love what they do. 


When people enjoy their work, they do better work. People-first leaders know that this simple yet widely overlooked notion is the key to a happy, innovative, and retained workforce. Achieving this goal, however, is needlessly challenging. That's where we come in. ConnectFor creates web-based management solutions for people-first leaders, ending the guessing game of whom to put on a project, if your team is engaged in their work, and if your employees are happy. Join us, and connect for the key to people-first management. 

We are proud to be female-founded and committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce. At ConnectFor, we practice what we preach, encouraging and ensuring that every employee, from the intern level to the c-suite, works on projects and initiatives that are interesting to them and help them develop the skills and careers they want. Our team also knows that people's goals and interests change as they learn and grow. Not only is that ok, it's embedded into our ethos and our products. Living by this method ensures every employee, regardless of gender, race, or background is seen for what they each uniquely bring to the table. Every person's perspective is vital to our work, both within the organization and in the solutions we provide to our customers.


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